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Salary: 50,000 per month 
Contract: 3 Month Consultancy (extension contingent on performance)
Location: Preferably Rajasthan or Delhi 

Application: Please apply here by the 25th of May  

Travel: Monthly travel to the pilot districts of Pali and Barra in Rajasthan for trainings 

About Ansh

Ansh, a Charity Entrepreneurship incubated charity, is dedicated to saving newborn lives by building healthcare capacity in government district hospitals in India. Our mission is to create a scalable and cost-effective model that implements Kangaroo care and other impact focused newborn care practices such as breastfeeding counselling, monitoring of danger signs, IPC (Infection Prevention and Control) measures, counselling in best newborn care practices and closely working with the hospital on making these services long-term and sustainable.

Our main intervention is Kangaroo Mother Care, a highly cost-effective and scientifically proven intervention for saving newborn lives. Kangaroo Care has three components:

  1. Skin-to-Skin Contact: Skin-to-skin contact with the mother regulates the infant’s body temperature, reducing hypothermia

  2. Close Monitoring: Monitoring mothers and newborns for danger signs

  3. Exclusive Breastfeeding: Exclusive breastfeeding provides benefits to the infant's immune system and help in weight gain

Currently, we have 24 on-ground full-time staff delivering our programs in two hospitals—Pali District Hospital and Baran District Hospital of Rajasthan—with the aim to replicate and adapt this model for broader implementation in public health systems.

We run two KMC programs in both of our hospitals:

  1. KMC in Post Natal Care (PNC) Ward Program for Stable Low Birth Weight and Preterm Newborns

  2. Early Initiation of KMC in Special Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) Program for Unstable Low Birth Weight and Preterm Newborns

Main model components are:

  • Repurpose some space in the health facilities and create dedicated space for Kangaroo Care

  • Recruit health workers to act as dedicated Kangaroo Care counsellors for mothers

  • Provide training to clinicians and nurses on supporting and managing kangaroo care and other components of the program

  • Follow up with mothers after discharge to ensure continued behavioural change and monitor the newborn for any danger signs

Please go here to know more about our values, advisors, and partners.

Position Overview 

The Nurse Education Facilitator plays an essential role in sustaining and growing Ansh’s pilot programs in Rajasthan. They will work closely with our on ground nursing staff (ANMs, Nurse Practitioners, Senior Nursing staff, other healthcare workers as well as the program management staff, ensuring effective and impactful educational facilitation in Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC). 

Our nurse training program is designed to be an interactive and experiential learning module and therefore the Nurse Education Facilitator must have excellent communication skills in Hindi and English, and be able to deliver impactful learning experiences for our staff. 

They will be trained directly by Ansh to provide said effective and impactful educational facilitation for our on ground nursing staff.  

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and lead comprehensive training programs on Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) for nurses, focusing on proper implementation and best practices.

  • Conduct specialised training on neonatal care, infection prevention and control, and breastfeeding training.

  • Provide training sessions for nurses on behaviour change communication techniques to promote effective patient education and support.

  • Organise and facilitate weekly counselling sessions with nurses from two districts to address challenges, provide support, and enhance skills in KMC and related areas.

  • Conduct regular in-person training sessions every few weeks for ongoing skill development and knowledge reinforcement.

  • Offer ad hoc support to nurses, addressing immediate concerns, clarifying doubts, and providing guidance as needed.

  • Monitor the progress of trained nurses and provide constructive feedback to nurses in implementing KMC and related practices within their respective healthcare settings.Identifying areas for improvement and offer guidance for enhancement.

  • Incorporate new evidence-based practices and guidelines into the training curriculum to enhance the effectiveness of training programs.

Who Should Apply?

If you are a creative, self-motivated thinker who enjoys working in a fast paced work environment. Someone who strongly values the importance of effective and innovative pedagogy along with high impact work. 


  • Minimum Qualification: Diploma in general nursing and midwifery 

  • Experience working in a NICU or PICU for at least 2-3 years 

  • Reasonable understanding of international standards of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC)

  • You have excellent oral and written Hindi and English skills, and are adept at getting information across in simple language 

  • Experience in working on basic office softwares such as ms.word, excel etc 

  • You are agile, able to work flexibly and enjoy working in a startup environment where the needs are likely to change week to week.

  • You are passionate about contributing to Ansh’s mission and impact; and driven to save newborn lives.


  • Work in a mission-driven, impact-focused organisation with strong values

  • Work in a young organisation. Our programs in Rajasthan are poised to be scaled up to multiple districts, so there are plenty of opportunities for personal impact

  • A flexible work schedule

  • Work closely with our beneficiaries on the ground and be able to witness your impact

Hiring Process

We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis and progressing candidates to the next stage. The final cut-off dates for each stage beyond which we won't assess any candidates for that stage are below:​


Application Deadline: 24th May 

Screening Call: 27th May - 31th May 

Test Task Deadline: 4th June

Interviews: 5th June - 12th June 

Expected start date: 15th June 

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