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Our Values



We find innovative approaches to solving difficult problems and maximizing the impact of available resources. We take our time to think outside the box.



We care deeply about the people we work with and serve. As a direct delivery charity, we listen carefully and develop solutions collaboratively. We put priority on ensuring our partners and clients feel valued, respected, and cared for.



We're relentless and flexible in our approach to maximizing impact. We operate with a learning mindset and adapt quickly to new information and changing circumstances.



We approach challenges with a  steady mind. We maintain a calm and measured approach in managing uncertainty.


Passionate. Data Focused. Impact Driven 

Supriya Bansal

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Co-Founder & Executive Director

Supriya has worked in multiple roles for non-profits across the UK, the US, and India. During the second wave of COVID-19 in India, she co-founded a helpline that established a supply chain network for medicines, oxygen, and other essential medical services for vulnerable families. Their efforts reached over 2,000 families in desperate need of assistance. She also worked at Suvita, a charity incubated by CE, to increase the uptake of routine vaccinations in Bihar and Maharashtra.


Supriya holds a Master's in Criminological Research with First Class Honors from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor's in Forensic Psychology (summa cum laude) from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York.

Supriya develops and implements the organisation's mission, vision, and strategic goals in alignment with its charitable objectives. She also leads the design, implementation, and evaluation of the charity's programs and services to ensure high impact and cost-effectiveness.

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