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M&E Coordinator 

This position would be highly critical to building ansh’s pilot program in Rajasthan from ground up and will be pivotal to designing a program that has the potential to save thousands of lives each year when it is scaled. The M&E Coordinator will be ensuring a delivery of high-quality care at healthcare facilities in one of our pilot districts (Baran or Pali) through robust monitoring and quality assurance activities. Working closely with the Director of Research, the M&E Coordinator will provide vital insights from the field, contribute to data analysis, and play an essential role in the implementation of pilot programs. Since we are a new organisation, there is possibility for taking greater responsibilities as the organisation grows.

About us

We aim to save newborn lives by building healthcare capacity in India for high quality delivery of care for newborns. We aim to create a scalable and cost-effective model that implements Kangaroo care over the long term. Currently we are setting up a pilot program for our model in Rajasthan. Our goal is to replicate this model beyond our pilot districts, eventually making it adaptable for public health systems.

Our model's core components are:

  • Repurpose wards in healthcare facilities into dedicated Kangaroo Care wards

  • Recruit nursing staff to act as dedicated kangaroo care and breastfeeding assistants

  • Set up referral systems for low birth weight newborns

  • Improve identification of low birth weight newborns in need of care

  • Provide onboarding and ongoing training to nurses and assistants

  • Provide counseling and monitoring through phone calls, ensuring kangaroo care and BF adherence and identify newborn in stress.

Terms of Employment

Salary: Based on candidate needs and industry standard
Contract: 6 months, renewal is very likely based on performance of the candidate and the program
Location: Pali, Baran (We are hiring 2 M&E coordinators, one for each district)

Key Responsibilities

  • Conduct monitoring and quality assurance activities at the healthcare facilities to ensure high quality of care.

  • Share information, data and issues with Director of Research and help improve the quality of data collected at the healthcare facility and on the phone.

  • Maintain our information management systems and ensuring data quality.

  • Use the insights from monitoring activities and making suggestions to continually improve the program design.

  • Provide support to the co-founders in implementation of the pilot program in the respective health facilities and help monitor and evaluate program impact.


  • Prior experience in a healthcare setting

  • Knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, data entry and databases like MS Word, Excel and data collection softwares

  • Familiarity with principles and current approaches to monitoring and evaluation using both quantitative and qualitative methods

  • Working knowledge of tools, methods and concepts of quality assurance

  • Excellent knowledge of local language (Hindi)

Skills and Competencies

  • Critical Thinking: the ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information to make sound and logical decisions.

  • People and communication skills: ability to exchange information in a clear, respectful, and timely manner and adapting to needs of a diverse range of stakeholders

  • Knowledge of Postnatal and newborn care: understanding and experience in application of principles, practices, and guidelines related to the care and well-being of mothers and newborns during the postnatal period

  • Information Management Skills: the ability systematically analyse, design, development, operate, maintain and organize the databases as well as manage information for research

  • Research and Data Collection: the knowledge and ability to use research tools to produce useful insights and the ability to ethically and systematically gather relevant data

Hiring Process

We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis and progressing candidates to the next stage. The final cut-off dates for each stage beyond which we won't assess any candidates for that stage are below: 

Application - 30 August

Test Task - 6 September

Interview - 11 September

Reference Check - 18 September

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